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Save on Engraving and Shipping

Inscriptions are sometimes very personal, a memorable quote, a statement of affection or one of appreciation; these are best left to you, your feelings and the occasion.  Be creative, and take advantage of our generous FREE engraving.  If your message just won't fit on the special gift you've selected, send us a note or call us: 888-799-4661.  One of our gift counselors will happily assist you with any options that may be available. 

Most often, personal inscriptions are designed to capture the memories and emotions of an occasion or event.  These occasions generally revolve around a day or a date.  Most often, simply engraving the recipients name, initial(s) or monogram and the date of the occasion on a gift is sufficient to trigger memories of that special day for many years to come.  Weddings, anniversaries, graduations, retirements, birthdays, the birth of a new baby, are all such events.

Below we have compiled a list of gift ideas, common occasions for gift giving, and inscription suggestions for your special events.

Key Chains
Jewelry/Keepsake/Trinket Boxes
Money Clips
Serving Trays

Albums and frames are good anytime gifts.  An engraved album or frame is the perfect gift to complement the photo(s) taken of a special occasion.  Everyone who views the gift will vividly remember his or her favorite memories of the occasion.


Anytime: Engrave significant information about the occasion i.e. occasion, date, place, names, etc.

Engrave a special message to a friend or loved one

If the occasion is a birth, the baby's measurements, name, and the date


A compact, or a jewelry or keepsake or trinket box is an excellent gift for any occasion.  Weddings, anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, and Valentine's Day are all great occasions to give these gifts.  They make an especially nice bridesmaid's gift.

Weddings:  Bridesmaid's name, title (bridesmaid, maid of honor), and the date

A single initial or a monogram and the date

Brides name, grooms name, bridesmaid's name, and the date

A sincere message from you to your friend

Graduations: Graduate's name and the date

A single initial or a monogram and the date

Congratulations, a name or initial or monogram and the date

Retirement:   A familiar quotation is always appropriate

Best wishes, a name or initial or a monogram and the date

A sincere message of appreciation, a name and the date


A flask, stein or tankard makes a great gift for one of the guys.  These gifts are often given to wedding party members, graduates, and retirees.  Inscriptions are sometimes elaborate, but most often they are simple.

Weddings: A first name, a title (groomsman, usher) and the date

The groomsman's initials and the date

A common slogan or phrase, and the date
"Bottom Up","Here's to you", "Drink till you marry"

Graduations:  Congratulation, a name and the date

The graduate's initials, and the date

You special message to your graduate and the date

Retirement:  A familiar quotation is always appropriate

"Best Wishes", a name or initials and the date

"Here's to the easy life", a name and the date



Flutes and Goblets make great keepsakes for weddings and anniversaries.


Weddings:  Generally a personal line or "Our Special Day" or "Our Wedding Day", the bride and grooms name and the date.


Anniversaries:  A personal message or just 1st Anniversary, the husband's and wife's names and the date.

Money Clips and Key Chains are often given to wedding party members, graduates, and as a personal gift to a retiring friend.  While they normally do not offer a lot of engraving space, they really make an excellent gift to remember a special occasion.


Weddings:  Initials and the date

First name and the date

Brides name, grooms name, recipient's name or initials and the date

Graduations:   Initials and the date

First name and the date

Giver's name, graduate's name or initials and the date


Retirement: Initials and the date

First name and the date

Giver's name, retiree's name and the date


Trays make great gifts to mark significant events, an anniversary, a retirement, or a sporting event.  Trays offer plenty of engraving space for your message, so be creative.


Anniversary:  "Happy 25th (or correct number), Mom and Dad.  We're so happy to have the two of you together.  Love...."


  "Congratulations on 25 years of marriage, we're so proud of you."
Retirement:  "Our paths must part.  We are so enriched for having had the pleasure of working with you and sharing each of your successes.  Happy Retirement"
"The many years of your dedicated service to our company will not easily be forgotten nor replaced, as no one else can possibly fill your shoes.  Good luck on your retirement"


  "May you find the best of everything in your well-earned retirement"
  "May your retirement grant you every blessing life has to offer"


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The features Personalized and Engraved Gifts For Every Occasion

A personalized gift is a thoughtful gift.  It allows you to create a custom gift just for its recipient.  An engraved gift is the ultimate in sophistication.  Diamond engraving makes a permenant, elegant impression in metal, to create a keepsakes which often become heirlooms. Personalized gifts and engraved gifts are the perfect way to celebrate special occasions, create loving memories, and for you to show your friends and loved ones how much they mean to you.  The's engravers and artist have been crafting unique personalized gifts for over two decades.  Our youngest engraver has engraved over 100,000 gifts, each uniquely layed out and exclusively personalized for the recipient.

Remember your Wedding or Anniversary by creating a personalized wedding gift for your groom or personalized anniversary gift for your husband, customized with your special sentiment to commemorate the loving occasion.  Our web site features hundreds of engraved gift ideas for every occasion. Our New Baby gifts and coin piggy banks, Christening and first communion keepsake boxes are an ideal way to cherish the event for years to come. Engraved graduation gifts quickly become cherished keepsakes that remind the graduate of special days. Personalized Valentine Days gifts create a permenant keepsake of our early, and not so early, loves. In fact engraved gifts are always the perfect personalized way to express your love and graditute, whether it's Fathers Day gifts, Mother's Day gifts, Christmas gifts and Christmas Ornaments, or retirement gifts, personalized gifts make the occasion remembered.

The also features unique gifts for "just because","thinking of you", and romantic occasions occasions. Our jewelry boxes are the perfect way to pop the big question. Etched mugs and glasses make great house warming an wedding gifts. Engraved picture frames and persoanlized photo albums provide a timeless way to store precious photographs of special occasions.

Personalized and Engraved Gifts are the only gifts with built-in memories and sentiment. Personalize your special gift today.
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