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Due to many circumstances beyond our control, we have temporarily suspended order production. To this end, we have disabled the ability to place new orders. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.
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This  web site ( offers customized engraved gifts, meaning you can specify the inscription to be engraved and the “Letter Style” (font) in which to engrave the inscription.

Instructions For Using web Site

Processing Time
We monitor our throughput processing times daily. Currently, our processing/engraving time is averaging 3 business days.  Business days are Monday through Friday, except holidays.  Shipping times vary, based on the shipping method and destination address, and should be added to your current processing time when calculating your anticipated delivery date.

Site Search
All of the pages on the site contain a search selection system on the left hand side of the page.   The search selection system, allows you to shop for products, by specifying critera via the drop menu system or by entering a "Keyword" in the Text Search box located on the top-left of every page.  If you know the item number for the gift you want, enter it in the Text Search box to locate the gift quickly.

Advanced Search
For more precise searches, use our "Gift Finder".'s Gift Finder will allow you to locate your gift selections quickly.  You can search by criteria such as a Keyword, or by selecting a combination of “Recipient”, “Occasion” and “Price Range”. 

Depending on how you have searched, by keyword, criteria or by item number, the system will either display a list of products that meet your search criteria; or it will display the product that matches the item number (SKU) you’ve entered.

Product Details
Once you’ve located an item that you’d like to purchase, access its details page by clicking on the image or its "Details/BUY" button.  The product's detail page contains detailed information about the product, as well as inscription hints, available letter styles and engraving details.  Review the details, select an available letter style, then enter the quantity to be purchased in the quantity box.  (NOTE: If you will be purchasing more than one of the item, and each will have the same inscription engraved, then enter a quantity of one here.  Then on the order summary page adjust the quantity to equal the quantity you require.)  Next click either the "Enter Inscription" button or the "Add to Cart" button, to be taken to the inscription page.

The inscription detail page will display text entry boxes that are used to enter each line of the inscription.   The page will have one line for each line of inscription.   The inscription entry boxes will be broken down into sets; to match the quantity you entered in the quantity box on the previous page.   For example, if you entered 5 as you purchase quantity and the product offered three lines of engraving, the inscription detail page would display 5 sets of three text entry boxes.   If the item offered 2 lines of engraving, it would display 5 sets of two.   (Note: You do not have to fill in every inscription box for every product.   If the product offers 3 lines of engraving and you only want one line, just enter your inscription in Line One of the inscription boxes for that product.  Our engravers will place and size the inscription, to best fit the gift.)

Each text entry box set will offer a choice of available Letter Styles; so for each of the 5 items you could have a different letter style if you desire.   To select a Letter Style, just click the drop box next to the word “Style”.   All available Letter Styles will be displayed in the drop selection list.   (Note: Not all products offer all of our Letter Styles.   Only Letter Styles suitable to the item are listed.)


View Shopping Cart
After you’ve entered your inscriptions for each item, and chosen a Letter Style for each of the items, click the “Save Inscription" button located below the last inscription text box.   You will then be taken to your shopping cart summary screen.  Here you should review your inscriptions and Letter Style selections.  If you need to make a change to an inscription or a Letter style, just click on the inscription text, to be returned to the inscription details page.  If you'd like to increase or decrease the quantity of an item or delete the item, change the quantity in the quantity box for the item, then select the "Recalculate Cart" button.  (Note: To delete an item, either set its quantity to zero or check the "delete" box for the item.)  To return to your cart summary anytime, just click one of the "Check Out" or "View Cart" links, located at the top and left of all pages.


Check Shipping Cost
Standard shipping is always free.  Depending on the combined, packed shipping weight of your order "Free Standard Shipping" will be our choice of UPS Ground Delivery Service, FedEx Ground Delivery or US Postal Service First Class Mail.   If faster delivery is required, you may wish to choose an alternate shipping method.  If so, just select the method you prefer and the shipping cost for that shipping method will be added to your order.  To view the estimated cost of shipping, click on the "View Shipping Upgrade Rates" link which is located on the order summary page.  Enter the destination zip code in the text box and click the "Calculate" button.   The resulting window will display the available shipping upgrades for your order and destination zip code.   When you are done shopping and done entering inscriptions.   AND you have double-checked your inscriptions and Letter Style choices, enter the zip code for your destination (Ship To) address.  Then select the country to which the order will be delivered.  Next choose an available shipping method upgrade or the default "Free Standard Shipping" option.  Select a "Payment Method" (normally credit card).  Orders with Credit card payments are filled immediately.  Orders of either Phone or Mail-in type take additional processing time.  Finally, click the "Finalize the Order" button to be taken to our secure directory for payment processing.

Finalizing Your Order
The Secure Order Processing page will display a summary of the products you’ve purchased along with a summary of cost.   The cost summary will display a per item price, a subtotal, any discount applied, shipping cost, and a grand total.   After you have reviewed the summaries, fill in your purchase information (Billing and Ship To (if Ship To is different than billing).   The most important field on this page is the EMAIL address field.  EMAIL IS OUR PRIMARY METHOD OF COMMUNICATING WITH YOU ABOUT YOUR ORDER.  We will not send you unsolicited mail.  Please use a valid email address that you check often.  NOTE: If you use filters to decrease the amount of spam you receive, please modify your filter to include email from


Once all your purchase information has been entered, click the “Complete Order” button at the bottom of the page.   This will validate your credit card and obtain an authorization to charge for the amount of the order.   After the authorization process is complete (usually on a few seconds) another summary page will be displayed.   Please print this page for your records.

Lastly, you will receive an order confirmation via email.   The confirmation will detail your purchase.   Please proof read the confirmation for accuracy.   If any changes are required, reply to the confirmation with your instructions.   (Note: no changes can be made without an email or fax confirmation.)

If you have decided to purchase via phone order, please call our sales office at 615-450-0388 give us your payment information.  Our site does not accommodate "mail-in" type orders.  If you wish to pay via a mail in payment, please select "Telephone" as your payment method, and then give us a call to let us know you will be mailing payment.  We can accept Checks and money orders.  Check payments require 15 additional days for payment processing.  Order processing of Mail-in orders will begin after payment processing is complete.

Yes, numbers and punctuations are fine in dates.   You should use a dash to divide the date.  A slash tends to overpower the numbers, a dash looks much nicer.


Yes, spaces do count.  The limit to number of characters per line and the number of lines that can be engraved on an item, is primarily based on the experienced judgment of our professional engravers.  Inscriptions with too much text can detract from the overall appeal of the gift.  If your desired inscription will not fit in our allotted space, please contact our engravers by emailing:  Depending on the Copy Style you've selected, sometimes additional room is available.


Yes we do logos.  For additional information see our Logo Information Page.


Yes, all of the jewelry boxes are lined with either a velveteen or satin cloth.


Processing of your order generally begins the same day that you place it.  Most orders will ship with-in three days.  At theEngravedGiftsStore we have set up a special processing line just for processing rush and custom orders.  Rush processing of your order is available upon request for a handling fee of $18 per 5 ordered items.  Rush orders (for in stock items) received by 9 AM CST are processed the same business day.  Rush orders (for in stock items) received after 9 AM CST will be processed on the next business day.


At theEngravedGiftsStore our artisan engrave, to create works of art.  Each engraved gift is diamond engraved utilizing manual and computerized engraving methods that still allow for artistic expression.  We feel our work far surpasses that which can be achieved by individuals who merely know how to operate a computer.


1443 Gaulden Hollow Rd
Lafayette, TN  37083




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The features Personalized and Engraved Gifts For Every Occasion

A personalized gift is a thoughtful gift.  It allows you to create a custom gift just for its recipient.  An engraved gift is the ultimate in sophistication.  Diamond engraving makes a permenant, elegant impression in metal, to create a keepsakes which often become heirlooms. Personalized gifts and engraved gifts are the perfect way to celebrate special occasions, create loving memories, and for you to show your friends and loved ones how much they mean to you.  The's engravers and artist have been crafting unique personalized gifts for over two decades.  Our youngest engraver has engraved over 100,000 gifts, each uniquely layed out and exclusively personalized for the recipient.

Remember your Wedding or Anniversary by creating a personalized wedding gift for your groom or personalized anniversary gift for your husband, customized with your special sentiment to commemorate the loving occasion.  Our web site features hundreds of engraved gift ideas for every occasion. Our New Baby gifts and coin piggy banks, Christening and first communion keepsake boxes are an ideal way to cherish the event for years to come. Engraved graduation gifts quickly become cherished keepsakes that remind the graduate of special days. Personalized Valentine Days gifts create a permenant keepsake of our early, and not so early, loves. In fact engraved gifts are always the perfect personalized way to express your love and graditute, whether it's Fathers Day gifts, Mother's Day gifts, Christmas gifts and Christmas Ornaments, or retirement gifts, personalized gifts make the occasion remembered.

The also features unique gifts for "just because","thinking of you", and romantic occasions occasions. Our jewelry boxes are the perfect way to pop the big question. Etched mugs and glasses make great house warming an wedding gifts. Engraved picture frames and persoanlized photo albums provide a timeless way to store precious photographs of special occasions.

Personalized and Engraved Gifts are the only gifts with built-in memories and sentiment. Personalize your special gift today.
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